Question 3


3.1.1 Determine the visibility distance in kilometres for Pretoria. (Use 1,609 km = 1 mile) (2)

3.1.2 Write down Cape Town’s humidity as a simplified common fraction. (2)

3.1.3 Express the sunset time in Cape Town in 12-hour format. (2)

3.1.4 Convert the maximum temperature for Pretoria to degrees Fahrenheit (°F). Give your final answer to the nearest whole number.

You may use the following formula: °F = (°C x 1,8) + 32 (3)

3.2 Study the fish tank below and answer the questions that follow.

3.2.1 Calculate the volume of the fish tank above in cubic inches (in3).

You may use the formula:
Volume = Length × Width × Height (3)

3.2.2 The fish tank is 85% full. After adding stones to the bottom of the fish tank, the fish tank is 97% full. Calculate the volume of the stones. (5)


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