Question 10

10.1 In the simplified AC generator below, the coil is rotated clockwise.

10.1.1 In which direction does the induced current flow in the coil?
Choose from: X to Y or Y to X. (1)

10.1.2 On which principle or law is the working of the generator based? (1)

10.1.3 State the energy conversion that takes place while the generator is
in operation. (2)

The voltage output for an AC generator is shown below.

10.2.1 Write down the maximum (peak) output voltage of the generator. (1)
A stove is connected to the generator above, and delivers an average power of 1 600 W.

10.2.2 Calculate the rms voltage delivered to the stove. (3)

10.2.3 Calculate the resistance of the stove. (3)


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