Question 1

Various options are provided as possible answers to the following questions. Each
question has only ONE correct answer. Choose the answer and write only the
letter (A–D) next to the question number (1.1–1.10) in the ANSWER BOOK, for
example 1.11 E.

1.1 Which ONE of the following pairs of physical quantities consists of one scalar
and one vector quantity?

A Distance and speed
B Speed and acceleration
C Displacement and velocity
D Velocity and acceleration (2)

1.2 A car is travelling at a constant velocity along a straight road. It then slows
down uniformly. Which ONE of the velocity-time graphs below best represents
the motion of the car?

1.3 Oil dripping from a truck at equal time intervals leaves the pattern below on
the road.

If the truck is moving eastwards, which ONE of the combinations below best
describes the speed of the truck during the intervals M to Q,
Q to V and V to Z?

1.4 A motorbike moving at a speed v, has a kinetic energy E. If the speed of the
motorbike increases to 3v, the kinetic energy will be …

A 3E
B 1⁄3E
C 6E
D 9E (2)

1.5 The SI unit for gravitational potential energy is …

A kg.m.s-1
B kg.m.s-1
C kg.m.s-1
D kg.m.s-1

1.6 The amplitude of a sound wave is increased without changing the frequency.
How does this change affect the loudness and pitch of the sound?

1.7 Which ONE of the combinations below is the CORRECT order of
electromagnetic waves in INCREASING WAVELENGTHS?

A Gamma ray → X-ray → ultraviolet → visible light → infrared →
B Radio wave → microwave → infrared → visible light→ ultraviolet →
X- ray
C X-ray → ultraviolet → infrared → visible light → radio wave →
D Gamma ray → X-ray → visible light → ultraviolet → infrared →
microwave (2)

1.8 The force between two magnets decreases when …

A two like poles come closer together.
B two unlike poles come closer together.
C the distance between them increases.
D the distance between them decreases. (2)

1.9 Two identical spheres, X and Y, on insulated stands, carry charges of 3 μC
and -5 μC respectively. The spheres are brought into contact with each other
and returned to their original positions. The charge on EACH sphere after
contact is …

A 8 μC
B -4 μC
C -2 μC
D -1 μC (2)

1.10 The energy transferred per unit electric charge in a circuit is …

A current.
B charge.
C power.
D potential difference. (2)


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