Question 1

Four options are provided as possible answers to the following questions. Each
question has only ONE correct answer. Choose the answer and write only the
letter (A–D) next to the question number (1.1–1.10) in the ANSWER BOOK, for
example 1.11 E.

1.1 Vector P and vector –P are acting on a common point O. The angle between
the two vectors is …

A 0o

B 90o

C 180o

D 270o (2)

1.2 The statements below refer to scalars and vectors:

(i) Vectors can be added together but scalars cannot.
(ii) A scalar quantity can be associated with direction.
(iii) A vector quantity is always associated with direction.

Which of the statements above are TRUE?

A (i) and (ii) only

B (ii) and (iii) only

C (i) only

D (iii) only (2)

1.3 A net force, F, is applied on an object of mass m kg and causes an
acceleration of a m∙s-2. When the net force, F, on the same object is doubled,the resulting acceleration, in m∙s-2, will be …

A a


C 2a

D 3a (2)

1.4 A person stands on a bathroom scale in a stationary elevator. The reading on
the scale is 490 N. When the elevator is in motion, the reading on the scale
changes to 470 N.

Which ONE of the following combinations best describes the DIRECTION OF
during the motion?


1.5 A light ray is refracted when it travels from air into water. Which ONE of the
following combinations relating to the DIRECTION OF THE REFRACTED


1.6 A learner hiding behind an open door of a room can hear people talking
outside the room although he cannot see them. The reason for this is that …

A sound has a shorter wavelength than a light wave.

B sound has a longer wavelength than a light wave.

C light travels in straight lines while sound travels only around corners.

D the energy in a sound wave is less than the energy in a light wave. (2)

1.7 The leaves of the electroscope in the diagram below are positively charged.

When an object is brought close to the plate, the leaves diverge more.
We can therefore conclude that the object …

A is positively charged.

B is negatively charged.

C is not charged at all.

D releases positive charges. (2)

1.8 Two charged objects repel each other with a force F when they are separated
by a distance d. The distance between the charges is reduced to . The new force, in terms of F, will now be …


B 3F

C 6F

D 9F (2)

1.9 In the diagram below, the north pole of a bar magnet approaches end A of
a solenoid.

Which ONE of the following statements about the polarity of A and the
direction of the magnetic field INSIDE the solenoid is CORRECT as the
NORTH POLE approaches A?


1.10 Which ONE of the following graphs best represents the relationship between
current and potential difference for a conductor which obeys Ohm’s Law?



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