Question 9

The diagram below is a simplified representation of an AC generator. The coil is
rotated in a clockwise direction in the magnetic field.

9.1 Write down the name of component X. (1)

9.2 Write down the function of component Y. (1)

9.3 Use the relevant principle to explain why an emf is induced in the coil when
the coil is rotated in the magnetic field. (2)

9.4 The coil rotates CLOCKWISE from the position shown in the diagram.
In which direction will current be induced in segment PQ of the coil?
Choose from ‘P to Q’ or ‘Q to P’. (2)

The output voltage versus time graph below was obtained for the above generator.

The output voltage is generated at a frequency of 50 Hz.
9.5 Calculate the time t indicated in the above graph. (3)

9.6 The generator is now connected to an appliance with a resistance of 100 Ω.
Calculate the energy dissipated when the appliance is in operation for
ONE minute. (5)

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