Question 8

8.1 Two reactions of sulphuric acid are shown in the diagram below.

8.1.1 Define a Lowry-Brønsted base.(2)

8.1.2 Write down a balanced equation for Reaction 1.(3)

8.1.3 Write down the NAME of the salt represented by X.(2)

8.1.4 Write down the FORMULA of ampholyte A.(2)

8.1.5 Write down the formulae of the TWO conjugate acid-base pairs in
Reaction 2.(4)

8.2 A solution of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) is prepared by dissolving 6 g solid
NaOH in 500 cm3 water.

This solution reacts completely with 10 g impure ammonium chloride (NH4Cℓ)
according to the equation below.

8.2.1 Calculate the concentration of the NaOH solution.(4)

8.2.2 Calculate the percentage impurities in the NH4Cℓ.(6)


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