Question 5

A lift takes a man to a sky bridge, which is 100 m above the ground, as shown below.
He makes a bungee jump from the sky bridge. Ignore the effects of air resistance.

5.1 Define the term kinetic energy. (2)

5.2 The man and his gear have a mass of 72 kg. Calculate the gravitational
potential energy of the man just before he jumps from the sky bridge. (3)

5.3 State the law of conservation of mechanical energy. (2)

5.4 Use the law in QUESTION 5.3 to calculate the velocity of the man at a height
of 50 m above the ground. (5)

5.5 Draw a graph of Ep versus Ek for the motion of the man from the instant he
jumps until he reaches the ground. (3)

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