Question 5

In this section, questions are set on the following short stories:

  • ‘NEXT DOOR’ by Kurt Vonnegut
  • ‘THE LAST BREATH’ by Sam Kahiga

Read the extracts from the TWO short stories below and answer the questions set on
each. The number of marks allocated to each question serves as a guide to the
expected length of your answer

NOTE: Answer the questions set on BOTH extracts, i.e. QUESTION 5.1 AND



[Paul is upset about what has happened at the Hargers.]

5.1.1 Refer to lines 1−2 (‘She and Paul … started to run’).

(a) To whom does ‘she’ refer in line 1? (1)

(b) Why does she grab Paul? (1)

5.1.2 Choose the correct answer to complete the following sentence.
Write only the letter (A–D) next to the question number (5.1.2) in the

When the woman refers to ‘squealers’ in line 6 she means people
who …

A speak very softly.
B tell a secret.
C start crying loudly.
D keep a secret. (1)

5.1.3 Refer to lines 9–11 (‘And there’s more … his trousers pocket’).

Identify TWO items that Paul’s mother expects to find when she later
feels the ball of money in his pocket. (2)

5.1.4 Explain how ‘All-Night Sam had helped to kill a man’ (line 15). (2)

5.1.5 Refer to line 18 (‘Numb, Paul crept … answered the door’).

(a) Identify the figure of speech in this line. (1)

(b) Explain why this figure of speech is relevant in this extract. (2)

5.1.6 Refer to lines 21–22 (‘Yes, sir?’ said … I help you?’).

(a) What tone would Mr Harger use in these lines? (1)

(b) Why would Mr Harger use this tone in these lines? (1)

5.1.7 What does this extract reveal about the character of the woman?

Substantiate your answer. (2)

5.1.8 Paul’s mother is over-protective.

Discuss your view (3)



[The young man and woman discuss the operation.]

5.2.1 Refer to line 1 (‘What do you mean?’).

Why is the speaker asking this question? (2)

5.2.2 With reference to the story, state TWO points why the speaker uses
ellipses in line 4 (‘I didn’t quite … see …’). (2)

5.2.3 Give TWO reasons for the speaker’s happiness in lines 11–12 (‘My
heart was … – with unspeakable joy’). (2)

5.2.4 Refer to lines 13−14 (‘July too passed … sun smile again’).

Explain the figurative meaning of these lines in the context of this
short story. (2)

5.2.5 What is the ‘mound of earth’ referred to in line 19? (1)

5.2.6 Why is the following statement FALSE?

The speaker would marry the woman when he turns thirty. (1)

5.2.7 State TWO points to show that the young man in this story has
a good relationship with his mother. (2)

5.2.8 One of the themes in the short story is love

Discuss how this theme is relevant to the speaker and Eva. (3)

5.2.9 ‘What will you do? You can’t marry her like that!’ he shouted above
the roar of the engine.

The young man’s father is prejudiced towards Eva.

Discuss your view. (3)


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