Question 5

5.1 Read the passage (TEXT F) below, which has some deliberate errors, and
answer the set questions.

5.1.1 Correct the SINGLE error in EACH of the following sentences. Write
down ONLY the question numbers and the words you have

(a) Just like the people in most countrys, South Africans love

(b) South Africa is home to many award winning artists.(1)

(c) Added to the list are the Ndlovu Youth Choir, the latest group
to make the country proud.(1)

(d) There performances on this show have made them a global

5.1.2 Why is America’s Got Talent written in italics in this passage? (1)

5.1.3 Complete the following tag question. Write down only the missing
The choir has participated in America’s Got Talent, …? (1)

5.1.4 Study the following sentence:
The group was founded by Dr Hugo Templeman in Limpopo in
State the part of speech of EACH of the underlined words used in
this sentence. (2)

5.1.5 Rewrite the following sentence in the passive voice:
The choir has helped the children overcome their challenges. (1)

5.1.6 Rewrite the following sentence in the negative form:
The group sings in all eleven South African languages. (1)

5.1.7 Give the plural form of the underlined word in the following
Local seamstress, Lina Ncongwane, is one of the women in the
community who created skirts and shirts which the Ndlovu Youth
Choir wore in a famous YouTube video. (1)

5.1.8 Rewrite the following sentence in reported speech:
‘I am very happy to see the choir’s success,’ said Ncongwane. (3)

5.2 Study the text (TEXT G) below and answer the questions.

5.2.1 Give the correct degree of comparison in the following sentence:
Fizzy drinks are (popular) than water among teenagers. (1)

5.2.2 Combine the following sentences into a single sentence.
Water is used for drinking.
Water is used for bathing.
Begin with the following words: Not only … (2)

5.2.3 Provide an antonym for the underlined word in the following
Climate change will reduce the most valuable natural resource. (1)

5.2.4 Give the correct form of the word in brackets:
Not drinking enough water will cause (dehydrate). (1)

5.2.5 Rewrite the following sentence in the future tense:
Every citizen is responsible for water conservation. (1)


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