Question 4


Read the cartoon (TEXT E) below and answer the set questions.

NOTE: In this cartoon, the boy’s name is Calvin and the woman is his mother.

4.1 Refer to FRAME 1.

4.1.1 Choose the correct answer to complete the following sentence:

In the context of this cartoon, the word ‘purse’ means …

A cellphone.
B handbag.
C suitcase.
D laptop. (1)

4.1.2 What is Calvin’s mother doing in this frame? (1)

4.2 Refer to FRAME 3.

Explain why Calvin says, ‘AHEM’. (2)

4.3 Refer to FRAMES 1 and 4.

4.3.1 Explain how Calvin’s attitude in FRAME 4 is a contrast to his
attitude in FRAME 1. (2)

4.3.2 How does the cartoonist use a visual and a verbal clue to convey
the mother’s feelings in FRAME 4? (2)

4.4 Do you think Calvin’s behaviour is justified in this cartoon? Substantiate your
answer. (2)


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