Question 4

Two blocks of masses 1,5 kg and 3,2 kg are connected by a light inextensible string. A 24 N force is applied on a system of blocks to move them up an inclined surface which is 25 o to the horizontal at a CONSTANT VELOCITY as shown on the diagram below.
The 1,5 kg box experiences a constant frictional force of 2 N as it moves up the incline.

4.1 State Newton’s Second Law of Motion in words. (2)

4.2 Draw a labelled free-body diagram of all forces acting on the 1,5 kg block. (4)

4.3 Calculate the:

4.3.1 Tension in the string connecting the blocks (5)

4.3.2 Coefficient of kinetic frictional force between the 3,2 kg block and the surface (6)


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