Question 4


Read the cartoon (TEXT E) below and answer the set questions.


4.1 Refer to FRAME 1.

4.1.1 Where does the conversation between Blondie and her neighbour take place? (1)

4.1.2 State ONE visual clue which has made the neighbour conclude that there is a problem with the lawnmower. (1)

4.1.2 State the TWO meanings of ‘the starter’ that Blondie is referring to.(2)

4.2 Complete the following tag question.
The lawnmower is broken, … ? (1)

4.3 Choose the correct answer to complete the following sentence:
In FRAME 3, Dagwood is sleeping in a …

A bed.
B swing.
C hammock.
D cot. (1)

4.4 Identify the clues which indicate that Dagwood is fast asleep. (2)

4.5 Is Blondie’s calm tone an appropriate reaction to what is happening in FRAME 3? Discuss your opinion. (2)


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