Question 3



Read the following extracts from the drama, Sophiatown, and answer the questions
set on each. The number of marks allocated to each question serves as a guide to
the expected length of your answer.

NOTE: Answer the questions set on BOTH extracts, i.e. QUESTION 3.1 and QUESTION 3.2.


3.1 [Inside Mamariti’s house. Jakes and Fahfee help Ruth to fit in Sophiatown.]

3.1.1 Choose a description from COLUMN B that matches the word in
COLUMN A. Write only the letter (A–E) next to the question number
(3.1.1(a)–3.1.1(d)) in your ANSWER BOOK.

3.1.2 Give a reason why ‘klap’ (line 9) is written in italics. (1)

3.1.3 Refer to line 15. (‘I’m trying…my whole life!’)
Write down TWO things from the text that Ruth has to ‘change’ to fit
into Sophiatown. (2)

3.1.4 Refer to lines 7–9. (‘You want me … I love you.’)

(a) Identify Ruth’s tone in these lines. (1)
(b) Explain why Ruth uses this tone. (1)

3.1.5 Refer to lines 7–10. (‘You want me … to even try.’) (2)
If you were the stage director of this play, what would you tell the
actress playing Ruth to do when performing this line? (2)

3.1.6 Discuss the external AND internal conflict of Ruth in Act 1. (4)

3.1.7 With reference to Ruth and Jakes, discuss the theme of division
between black and white caused by the Apartheid system of the South
African government as it appears in Act 1. (3)


3.2 [Lulu and Ruth in conversation in the living room – 65 Gerty Street.]

3.2.1 Refer to line 1. (‘She gives you presents.’)

(a) Who is the ‘she’ that is referred to? (1)
(b) What is the topic of discussion before this extract? (2)

3.2.2 Refer to lines 9–10. (‘And I’m writing … sixteen-year-old I know.’)

(a) What makes Ruth label Lulu as cheeky? (1)
(b) Write down TWO positive characteristics of Lulu. (2)

3.2.3 Earlier in this Act, Ruth reveals that her parents are under the
impression that she is in Cape Town.

(a) Why is Ruth supposed to be in Cape Town? (1)
(b) In your OWN words, explain what does this reveal about her
character. (2)

3.2.4 Refer to lines 13–14. (‘Ag, I look…wears a doek [head scarf].’)
In defence of Ruth, why do you think Lulu was unfair in comparing
her to Regina Brooks? (2)

3.2.5 Refer to lines 17–18: (‘Everywhere in this…fiction, fiction, fiction.’)
Explain in your OWN words why Lulu thinks that fiction dominates
the house. State TWO points. (2)

3.2.6 Refer to line 25. (‘He knows none of these things.’)
Choose the correct answer to complete the following sentence.

Write ONLY the letter (A–D) next to the QUESTION 3.2.2(a) in your

Ruth’s tone of voice in line 25 is …

A fearful.
B convincing.
C shocked.
D calm. (1)

3.2.7 Refer to Act 1 Scene 6 as a whole.
Give reasons why the mood in this drama changes from sad to
optimistic. (3)


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