Question 3

In this section, there are contextual questions set on the following drama:


Answer the question on the drama Sophiatown.

Read the following extracts from the play and answer the questions set on each.
The number of marks allocated to each question serves as a guide to the expected
length of your answer.

NOTE: Answer the questions set on BOTH extracts, i.e. QUESTION 3.1 AND

3.1.1 What is the ‘some’ that was spilled on the ground? (line 1) (1)

3.1.2 Refer to the scene as a whole.
Give a reason why there is a party at 65 Gerty Street. (1)

3.1.3 Refer to lines 2–5. (‘Ja, vir die … drink the wine.’)
Explain in your OWN words the similarities between the ‘ghost’ and ‘ancestors’. (2)

3.1.4 Explain the differences between Ruth and Fahfee as they appear in this act. Mention TWO points for each character. (4)

3.1.5 Refer to line 15. (‘No, no, it … We’re all wicked.’)

(a) Mingus thinks they too are wicked because they …

A believe in ghosts.
B drink too much.
C believe in ancestors.
D do not go to church. (1)

(b) Explain how appropriate the word ‘wicked’ is at this stage of the extract. (2)

3.1.6 Refer to the drama as a whole. Name TWO other occasions where
Ruth was questioned because of her identity. (2)

3.1.7 Explain why Ruth lives in Sophiatown. (2)

3.1.8 Discuss the theme of diversity as it appears in this extract. (3)


3.2.1 Refer to lines 5−6. (‘Come on, come … must move, man.’)
(a) Identify the tone in these lines. (1)
(b) State why the tone is appropriate in these lines. (2)

3.2.2 Explain why the following statement is FALSE:
The alarm in this extract is caused by early delivery of boxes by Toby Street removals. (1)

3.2.3 Refer to lines 25–27. (‘There’s no story … help. [Come help.]’)
If you were the director of this play, which TWO things would youtell Mingus to do when he speaks to Jakes? (2)

3.2.4 At this stage of the drama Mamariti and Mingus react differently to
the situation.
(a) How does Mamariti’s reaction differ from Mingus’ in this extract? (1)
(b) Give the reason for the difference in their reactions. (1)

3.2.5 What is Jakes’ occupation? (1)

3.2.6 Refer to lines 26–27. (‘Have you ever … tik all day!’)
Explain the irony in these lines. (2)

3.2.7 Explain how the character of Fahfee is revealed in this extract. (3)

3.2.8 Discuss why ‘Sophiatown’ is a suitable title for this drama. (3)



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