Question 3


Study the advertisement (TEXT D) and answer the set questions.


3.1 What is the name of the brand mentioned in the advertisement? (1)

3.2 Identify the slogan in the advertisement. (1)

3.3 To whom does this advertisement appeal? (1)

3.4 Choose the correct answer to complete the following sentence:

The word ‘Hood’ is slang for a …

A hat.
B covering.
C neighbourhood.
D township. (1)

3.5 Provide TWO reasons why people will be eager to enter the competition. (2)

3.6 Why has the advertiser included the words, ‘We’re thinking globally and
acting locally’ in the advertisement? (2)

3.7 In your view, how does the picture support the message of the
advertisement? Explain fully. (2)


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