Question 3

Use the information above to answer the questions that follow.

3.1 Calculate the total number of spas used for the research in 2017. (2)

3.2 Calculate the mean number of spas used. Give your final answer to the nearest whole
number. (2)

3.3 Express the number of spas in Europe as a percentage of the total number of spas. (2)

3.4 Determine the number of regions that lies above the range number of spas. (2)

3.5 Write down the unit ratio of spas in regions P and V. (3)

3.6 Calculate the total revenue in billion dollars for the spas if sub-Saharan Africa’s
revenue is $5,0 billion less than Latin America-Caribbean’s revenue. (4)

3.7 Calculate the median revenue of the regions. (3)

3.8 Determine the probability (as a percentage) of randomly selecting a region with more
than 40 000 spas. (3)


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