Question 1

Read BOTH TEXT A and TEXT B and answer the set questions.


Glossary: *Etiquette – politeness or good manners
1.1 Refer to paragraph 1.

Which ONE of the words below means the same as ‘customs’, as used in this

A Taxes
B Duties
C Habits
D Levies (1)

1.2 Refer to paragraph 2.

1.2.1 What is meant by ‘consideration for others’? (1)

1.2.2 Using your OWN words, explain why it is important to express
gratitude to your hosts for being invited to their dinner party. (2)

1.3 Refer to paragraph 3.

1.3.1 Give an antonym for the word ‘ancient’. (1)

1.3.2 State TWO beliefs in this paragraph that may not be relevant
today. (2)

1.4 Refer to paragraph 5.

1.4.1 What do the words, ‘address adults with a certain level of formality’
(lines 20–21), suggest about the relationship between children and
adults in African society? (2)

1.4.2 Quote a SINGLE word which means the same as ‘offensive’. (1)

1.5 Refer to paragraph 6.

1.5.1 Why does the writer refer to Kenya and Nigeria? (1)

1.5.2 Why does the writer conclude paragraph 6 with a question? (2)

1.6 Refer to paragraph 7.

Explain why the following statement is FALSE.

A poor understanding of etiquette across different cultures only affects one’s
relationships with others. (1)

1.7 Refer to paragraph 8.

1.7.1 Explain the findings of Commiceo in lines 40–43 (‘… has found that
… interpreted very differently’). Use your OWN words. (2)

1.7.2 Explain what is meant by clock-watching. (2)

1.8 Refer to paragraph 9.

1.8.1 Give TWO reasons why speaking loudly ‘may be viewed as a
positive quality in the Western world’. (2)

1.8.2 Do you agree with the writer’s views in lines 49–51 (‘Therefore,
instead of … behaviour and actions’) of this paragraph?

Substantiate your answer. (2)

1.9 Discuss the suitability of the title, ‘MANNERS MATTER’. (2)

1.10 Identify the percentage that is spent on fast food by the average South African
household. (1)

1.11 What do the statistics suggest about the amount of money that is spent on
education when compared to the expenditure on clothing and footwear? (1)

1.12 Why do the illustrations of wallets with arrows in the circle appear in this text?
State TWO points. (2)

1.13 Discuss whether a bar graph would be more effective in conveying the
statistics for average South African household expenditure. (2)


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