Question 1

1.1 The following mathematics test marks were recorded for a Grade 10A class of
28 students.

1.1.1 Complete the table above by filling in the two missing numbers. (2)

1.1.2 Calculate an estimate of the mean mark. (2)

1.1.3 Represent the data on a frequency polygon. (3)

1.1.4 In which interval does the
(a) median lie? (2)
(b) 80th percentile lie? (2)

1.2 The following Mathematics test marks of a Grade 10B class are recorded below:

1.2.1 Write down the median mark for this class. (1)

1.2.2 Calculate the interquartile range mark for this class. (3)

1.2.3 Represent the data on a box and whisker diagram. (3)

1.2.4 Comment on the distribution of the data with reference to the box and whisker
diagram. (2)


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