Question 1

Various options are provided as possible answers to the following questions. Choose the answer and write only the letter (A–D) next to the question numbers (1.1 to 1.10) in the ANSWER BOOK, e.g. 1.11 E. Each question has only ONE correct answer.

1.1 Which ONE of the following physical quantities is a scalar quantity?

A A weight of 5 N
B A velocity of 10 m∙s-1 east
C A current of 2 A
D A negative acceleration of 0,4 m∙s-2 (2)

1.2 Three forces act simultaneously on an object, as shown below.

The resultant (net) force acting on the object is…

A 10 N west.
B 4 N west.
C 10 N east.
D 4 N east. (2)

1.3 An object accelerates uniformly when the … of the object changes with the same amount in equal time intervals.

A Velocity
B Displacement
C Speed
D Mechanical Energy (2)

1.4 The velocity-time graph for the motion of an object is shown below

The object changes direction at…

A 0,5 s
B 1 s
C 2 s
D 3 s (2)

1.5 An object moving at speed v has a kinetic energy E. The kinetic energy now changes to ¼E.

The speed of the object is now …

A ½v.
B 2v.
C ¼v.
D 4v. (2)

1.6 The frequency of a wave is defined as the …

A lowest point on a wave.
B time taken for one complete wave
C number of complete waves per second.
D number of points in phase in a wavelength. (2)

1.7 When two wave crests overlap, the increase in amplitude is due to…

A cancellation.
B two waves in phase.
C destructive interference.
D constructive interference. (2)

1.8 Which ONE of the following materials is a ferromagnetic material?

A Chromium
B Carbon
C Cobalt
D Calcium (2)

1.9 The SI unit for charge is the…

A Ampere
B Volt
C Ohm
D Coulomb

1.10 The maximum work done per unit charge by a battery is the….

A Emf
B Current
C Resistance
D Terminal Potential Difference (2)


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