Question 1

1.1.1 How much will a person with 18 kg of washing pay for washing and drying with Staysoft (fabric softener) and ironing?                                                                 (5)

(a) The family claims that if they can take their washing every Friday to the laundry for washing and drying with Staysoft (fabric softener), instead of hiring a helper, they could save R70 per month. Verify, showing all calculations, whether their claim is valid if they have an average of 15 kg of washing and drying and 2 kg of hand wash for Fridays in March 2018.      (8)

(b) Calculate the probability of having a Friday in March with a date as an even number. Give your final answer as a percentage to one decimal place.                                                                                                                   (3)

1.2.1 Show, with calculations, whether the 10 containers can fit on the floor of a storeroom which is 3 m by 2,5 m.                                                                                            (5)

(a) Calculate the capacity of the container as shown in the diagram.                    (3)

(b)The supervisor claims that five containers of water will be enough for 5 days. Verify with calculations, whether the claim is valid or not.                (5)

1.2.3      Provide ONE possible reason why some clothes are hand washed.                          (2)


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