Question 1

1.1 The cumulative frequency graph (ogive) drawn below shows the total number of food items ordered from a menu over a period of 1 hour.

1.1.1 Write down the total number of food items ordered from the menu during this hour. (1)

1.1.2 Write down the modal class of the data. (1)

1.1.3 How long did it take to order the first 30 food items? (1)

1.1.4 How many food items were ordered in the last 15 minutes? (2)

1.1.5 Determine the 75th percentile for the data (2)

1.1.6 Calculate the interquartile range of the data (2)

1.2 Reggie works part-time as a waiter at a local restaurant. The amount of money (in rands) he made in tips over a 15-day period is given below.

1.2.1    Calculate:

(a) The mean of the data (2)

(b) The standard deviation of the data (2)

1.2.2 Mary also works part-time as a waitress at the same restaurant. Over the same 15-day period Mary collected the same mean amount in tips as Reggie, but her standard deviation was R14.

Using the available information, comment on the:

(a) Total amount in tips that they EACH collected over the 15-day period (1)

(b) Variation that EACH of them received in daily tips over this period (1)


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