Question 1

1.1 Definitions of some mathematical concepts are listed in TABLE 1 below. 

Use TABLE 1 to select the definition for EACH of the following concepts.

NOTE: Write down only the letter (A-G) of the correct definition. 

1.1.1 Profit (2)

1.1.2 Mean (2)

1.1.3 Length of the radius (2)

1.2 A gold coin shop buys and sells gold Krugerrand coins. The shop bought a one-ounce gold coin for R14 960 at 10:15 and sold it for R18 700 5 hours and 50 minutes later. 

1.2.1 Calculate the profit that the shop made on this one-ounce gold coin. (2)

1.2.2 Write down the exact time when the coin was sold. (2)

1.2.3 The diameter of a one-ounce gold coin is 32,8 mm. A gold coin is placed in the centre of a square box of side length 71,8 mm, as shown below. 

(a) Calculate the length of the radius of the coin. (2)

(b) Determine the shortest distance (D) between the edge of the coin and the side of the square box. (2)

1.3.1 Calculate the cost per litre of the diluted juice. (2)

1.3.2 Determine, in simplified form, the ratio of: 

volume of concentrated juice : volume of water (2)

1.3.3 Determine the exact number of glasses of diluted juice that can be served. (2)

Use TABLE 2 above to answer the questions that follow. 

1.4.1 Arrange the mean monthly rainfall for Durban in ascending order. (2)

1.4.2 In which month does Kimberley receive the lowest mean monthly rainfall? (2)

1.4.3 Write down the modal number of rainy days for the first six months of the year for Durban. (2)

1.4.4 In which month does Kimberley have a higher mean monthly rainfall than Durban? (2)

1.4.5 During which month(s) is the mean monthly rainfall in Durban the same? (2)


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