Question 1

1.1.1 Show, with calculations, that the gross monthly salary for an additional driver is R3 182,96. (2)

1.1.2 Calculate the total monthly UIF contributions payable to the UIF for all the additional employees. (10)

1.1.3 Mrs Letsie stated, ‘The percentage difference between the salary of the lowest paid additional employee and the mean salary of all the additional employees is less than 3%

Verify, showing ALL calculations, whether her statement is valid. (6)

1.2 Every month the company randomly selects an ‘Employee of the Month’ from all the additional employees

1.2.1 Calculate the probability of randomly selecting a female cleaner as the employee of the month, rounded off to THREE decimal places. (4)

1.2.2 Explain why the chance of randomly selecting a male supervisor as the employee of the month is most unlikely. (2)


1.3.1 Calculate the missing values A and B. (5)

1.3.2 Draw a line graph that illustrates the relationship between the gross monthly salary and the IRR on the grid provided on the ANSWER SHEET. (5)


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