Question 1

Read BOTH TEXT A and TEXT B and answer the set questions.


1.1 Name TWO beliefs that South Africans have about fast foods. (2)

1.2 Identify the TWO organisations that worked together on a study which
surveyed the salt content in children’s fast food meals in South Africa. (2)

1.3 Quote a SINGLE word (paragraph 3) to prove that the WASH survey was not
conducted only in South Africa. (1)

1.4 Explain what is meant by ‘leading fast food outlets’ (line 9). (2)

1.5 Explain why is it important for South Africans to take the results of the studies
by TNS Surveys and WASH seriously. (3)

1.6 State TWO South African outlets that participated in the international survey
on the salt content of fast foods. (2)

1.7 How does the McDonald’s chicken nugget meal that is sold in South Africa
differ from the one that is sold in the UK? (2)

1.8 State TWO steps that have been implemented by the Department of Health
to address the findings of the surveys into salt consumption in South Africa. (2)

1.9 Why are children eating fast foods in the UK and USA probably healthier than
South African children who eat fast foods? Give a reason for your answer. (2)

1.10 The passage states that legislation was recently signed to make salt reduction
in the food industry MANDATORY over a period of time.

Choose the correct answer to complete the following sentence:

The capitalised word in the sentence above means that the reduction of salt
in the food industry is …

A voluntary.
B compulsory.
C optional.
D random. (1)

1.11 In your view, is this passage effective in influencing the readers to reduce
their salt intake? Substantiate your answer. (3)

1.12 Discuss the suitability of the title, WITH A PINCH OF SALT. (2)


Refer to the illustration above (TEXT B).

1.13 What does the illustration above represent? (1)

1.14 How does the information given for Saturday differ from that given for Friday?
Give a reason for your answer. (2)

1.15 Which is the coolest sunny day? (1)

1.16 Discuss whether the visuals accurately convey the message of this text. (2)


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