Question 5

Hydrogen peroxide decomposes at room temperature according to the following
balanced chemical equation:

2H2O2(aq) → O2(g) + 2H2O(ℓ)

5.1 What does the (aq) represent in the equation above? (1)

5.2 Identify the type of reaction above. Choose between PRECIPITATION and
REDOX. Give a reason for the answer. (2)

5.3 Is the reaction an example of a physical or a chemical change? (1)

5.4 Define the term one mole of a substance. (2)

5.5 If 4 moles of hydrogen peroxide decomposes, calculate the volume of gas
formed at STP. (4)

5.6 Calculate the number of oxygen atoms in H2O2 if 17 g of H2O2 decomposes. (4)

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