Question 5


Read the extracts from the play below and answer the set questions. The number of marks allocated to each question serves as a guide to the expected length of your answer.

NOTE: Answer the questions set on BOTH extracts, i.e. QUESTION 5.1 AND QUESTION 5.2.


[Sipho reveals the truth about the affair.]

5.1.1 Choose a description from COLUMN B that matches the name in COLUMN A. Write only the letter (A–E) next to the question number (5.1.1(a)–5.1.1(d)) in the ANSWER BOOK.

5.1.2 Refer to lines 1–2 (‘What did my … two of you’).

(a) State ONE way in which Mandisa’s father caused Sipho unhappiness when they were still young boys living with their parents. (1)

(b) What happened between the two brothers that caused the final separation? (1)

5.1.3 Explain what Mandisa’s behaviour in lines 4–5 (‘No! This is … to go alone’) reveals about her background. State TWO points. (2)

5.1.4 Refer to lines 7–11 (‘Stop! No one … never came back?’).

(a) Choose the correct answer to complete the following sentence. Write only the letter (A–D) next to the question number (5.1.4 (a)) in the ANSWER BOOK.

Sipho’s tone of voice in line 7 is …

A hurtful.
B pleading.
C authoritative.
D calm. (1)

(b) Explain why Sipho uses this tone. (1)

(c) Identify and discuss the theme which is evident in Sipho’s words in lines 8–10 (‘You want to … mother left me?’). (3)

5.1.5 Give a reason why ‘sobbing openly’ (line 24) is written in italics. (1)

5.1.6 Discuss your views on why Mandisa’s behaviour towards her uncle, in this extract, is considered unacceptable. (3)



[Thando, Sipho and Mandisa are talking.]

5.2.1 Refer to line 2 (‘No you two go to town and get us some take ways’).

Before this extract, Sipho does not allow the girls to go out. Why does Sipho allow the girls to go out now? (2)

5.2.2 What do lines 6–7 (‘We are burying … and father’s graves’) reveal about Themba’s traditional values? State THREE points. (3)

5.2.3 Refer to lines 19–20 (‘THANDO and MANDISA … wife … it happened’).

(a) Explain why the following statement is TRUE. State TWO points.

Before the conversation in this extract, Mandisa makes it easy for Sipho to admit that he loves Themba. (2)

(b) Write down ONE word which best describes Sipho’s feelings in line 20 (‘About my wife … it happened’). (1)

5.2.4 Sipho talks about his future plans in the last scene.

Using your OWN words, state what Sipho plans to do. State TWO points. (2)

5.2.5 Show how the character of Sipho changes in this play. (4)

5.2.6 The revelation of the truth in this play brings about reconciliation and forgiveness.

Discuss your opinion on this statement. (4)



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