Question 4

QUESTION 4 (Start on a new page.)

The flow diagram below shows how compound A can be used to prepare other organic
compounds. The numbers I, II, III and IV represent different organic reactions.

Use the information in the flow diagram to answer the following questions.

4.1 Name the homologous series to which compound A belongs. (1)

4.2 Write down the TYPE of reaction represented by:

4.2.1 I (1)

4.2.2 III (1)

4.2.3 IV (1)

4.3 Consider reaction III. Write down the:

4.3.1 TWO reaction conditions for this reaction (2)

4.3.2 IUPAC name of the primary alcohol that is formed (2)

4.4 Draw the STRUCTURAL FORMULA for compound B. (2)

4.5 Consider reaction IV. Write down the:

4.5.1 Structural formula of organic compound C (2)

4.5.2 NAME or FORMULA of the catalyst that is used (1)

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