Question 3

Read the following extracts from the drama Sophiatown, and answer the questions
set on each. The number of marks allocated to each question serves as a guide
to the expected length of your answer.

NOTE: Answer the questions set on BOTH extracts, i.e. QUESTION 3.1 AND


[Inside Mamariti’s house. A Jewish girl arrives looking for a room to rent.]

3.1.1 Complete the following sentences by using the words in the list below. Write only the word next to the question numbers (3.1.1(a)–3.1.1(d)) in the ANSWER BOOK.

Sophiatown is a (a) … play which highlights (b) … problems in Sophiatown during the Apartheid era. The most affected group in the play is the (c) … of Sophiatown fighting against forced (d) … . (4)

3.1.2 Refer to line 5 (‘I want that Jewish girl out’).

(a) To whom does ‘Jewish girl’ refer? (1)

(b) Explain how this Jewish girl came to stay in this house. (2)

(c) If you were a stage director of this play, which TWO things
would you tell Princess to do when saying these words? (2)

3.1.3 Explain why the following statement is FALSE.

Lulu tells Princess that she is an American girl because she is from America. (1)

3.1.4 Choose the correct answer to complete the following sentence.
Write ONLY the letter (A–D) next to the question number (3.1.4)

Refer to lines 20–21 (‘Look, she’s got … there like her?’).

(a) Jakes says the Jewish girl has ‘guts’ because she is …

A daring.
B timid.
C outspoken.
D reserved. (1)

(b) Explain why Jakes says he needs the Jewish girl. (1)

3.1.5 Discuss the theme of diversity as evident in this extract. (3)

3.1.6 Do you think the Jewish girl has made a good decision by coming to stay in this house? Discuss your view. (3)



[Mingus is angry, his storeroom has been demolished.]

3.2.1 Give a reason why Mingus has his boxes carried around in
Mamariti’s house. (1)

3.2.2 Refer to line 7 (‘I am doing no such thing!’).
(a) Identify the tone Ruth uses in this line. (1)
(b) Explain why this tone is appropriate. (2)

3.2.3 Refer to lines 9–11 (‘They came three … for the leaders’).
(a) What is the official date given to Mamariti for the removals? (1)
(b) Explain why the officials come on an earlier date. (1)

3.2.4 Where are these Sophiatown residents removed to? (1)

3.2.5 (a) What does Fahfee do for a living? (1)
(b) Explain how Fahfee’s source of income will be affected by his removal to this new place. (2)

3.2.6 Refer to lines 22–25 (‘Luister, Mingus. This … fight the Boers’).
What do these lines suggest about Fahfee’s character? Explain your answer. (2)

3.2.7 Refer to lines 27–30 (‘I was working … does it help?’).
Discuss the irony in these lines. (2)

3.2.8 With reference to the drama, do you think Mingus’ behaviour is
justifiable? Discuss your view. (3)



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