Question 3

Read the extracts from the novel below and answer the set questions. The number of marks allocated to each question serves as a guide to the expected length of your answer.

NOTE: Answer the questions set on BOTH extracts, i.e. QUESTION 3.1 AND QUESTION 3.2.


[Gikonyo goes to see the new MP]

3.1.1 Choose a description from COLUMN B that matches the name in COLUMN A. Write only the letter (A–E) next to the question number (3.1.1(a)–3.1.1(d)) in the ANSWER BOOK.

3.1.2 Quote a sentence from the extract to prove that the following statement is TRUE:

The people of Thabai are disappointed in their new government. (1)

3.1.3 Using your OWN words, give TWO examples from the extract to show that the people of Thabai are still suffering after independence. (2)

3.1.4 Refer to the new MP’s behaviour in this extract and explain what is revealed about his character. State TWO points. (4)

3.1.5 Refer to line 20 (‘Gikonyo’s heart was … get this loan!’)

Discuss the new MP’s vague response to Gikonyo’s request AND state the reason for this response. (3)

3.1.6 Refer to the novel as a whole.

Discuss your view of the way the author of the novel is criticising Kenya’s new government. (4)



[Mumbi runs into Karanja.]

3.2.1 Explain how Gikonyo ends up in hospital. State TWO points. (2)

3.2.2 Refer to lines 5–7 (‘I wanted to …you ignored it’).

(a) Why does Mumbi send a note to Karanja? (1)

(b) Choose the correct answer to complete the following sentence. Write only the letter (A–D) next to the question number (3.2.2 (b)) in the ANSWER BOOK.

Karanja hopes the note Mumbi sends is an invitation to …

A take him to dinner that night.
B go away with her to Githima.
C have a relationship with her.
D have a meeting with her. (1)

3.2.3 Explain why Gikonyo is so bitter about any connection between Mumbi and Karanja. (2)

3.2.4 Write down ONE word which best describes Karanja’s feelings in line 11 (‘Never?’). (1)

3.2.5 Refer to lines 28–29 (‘she was swallowed … and village huts’).

(a) Identify the figure of speech used in this line. (1)

(b) Explain how the use of this figure of speech adds value to the description of the relationship between Mumbi and Karanja. (3)

3.2.6 Identify and discuss ONE theme of the novel which is evident in this extract. (3)

3.2.7 By referring to the novel as a whole, discuss why Mumbi can be seen as the mother of the Kenyan nation. (3)



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