Question 10

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The flow diagram below shows the processes involved in the industrial preparation of
an ammonium fertiliser.

10.1 Write down the NAME or FORMULA of:

10.1.1 Gas X (1)

10.1.2 Gas Y (1)

10.1.3 Acid Q (1)

10.2 Write down the:

10.2.1 TYPE of chemical reaction that converts compound P into gas Y (1)

10.2.2 Balanced equation for the reaction between compound P and
acid Q (3)

10.3 Two separate bags of fertilisers are labelled as follows:

10.3.1 What do the numbers (21) and (27) on the labels represent? (1)

10.3.2 Determine, by means of calculations, which bag (A or B) contains
a greater mass of phosphorous. (4)

TOTAL: 150

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