Question 4

A certain amount of gas is sealed in a container of which the volume can change.
The relationship between the pressure and volume of the gas at 20 ÂșC is investigated.
The results of the experiment are given in the table below.

4.1 Name the gas law that is represented by the results of the experiment. (1)

4.2 Write down a hypothesis for the investigation. (2)

4.3 Draw a graph of volume versus pressure on the ANSWER SHEET attached. (3)

4.4 Calculate the volume of the gas at 300 kPa. (3)

4.5 When the volume of the gas is measured at 300 kPa, it is 44 dm3. Explain
why the measured volume differs from the volume calculated in QUESTION 4.4. (2)

4.6 Which temperature condition will cause a gas to deviate from ideal
behaviour? Write only HIGH or LOW. (1)

4.7 Explain the answer to QUESTION 4.6. (2)

4.8 Calculate the number of moles of the gas in the container at the INITIAL pressure and volume. (4)


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