Question 4


4.1.1 Write down the number of seats in Row N. (2)

4.1.2 How many more seats are there in the ‘Raised Seating Area’ than in the ‘Flat
Seating Area’? (4)

4.1.3 Determine the probability that someone will be seated in the ‘L’ row. (2)

4.1.4 You are seated at Seat A17, while your cousin is seated at G7. You need to
give your cousin something. Explain how you will walk to reach your cousin
if you walk pass the stage/screen area. (2)


4.2.1 Show, with the necessary calculations, that the volume of the drum in litres
is different than the advertised 200 litres. (5)

4.2.2 Hence, explain why the two volumes in litres are different. (4)


TOTAL: 100

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