Question 3


3.1 Who is the target audience in this advertisement? (1)

3.2 Why is the word, ‘Big’, written in larger font in the headline? (1)

3.3 Quote FOUR consecutive words from the text which suggest that BOSTON
College is willing to assist students in pursuing their career paths. (1)

3.4 Why does the advertiser include the visual of car keys in this advertisement? (2)

3.5 Provide an antonym for the underlined word in the following sentence:
Boston College offers more courses than other colleges. (1)

3.6 Refer to the words, ‘Over 40 Tuition Centres Nationwide’.
3.6.1 Why has the advertiser included the words, ‘Over 40 Tuition
Centres’, in this advertisement? (1)

3.6.2 Choose the correct answer to complete the following sentence:
The word ‘Nationwide’ means the entire …
A) world.
B) country.
C) universe.
D) continent. (1)

3.7 Does the advertiser succeed in convincing the reader to enrol at Boston?
Substantiate your answer. (2)

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