Question 2

A survey was conducted among 100 people about the amount that they paid on a monthly basis for their cellphone contracts. The person carrying out the survey calculated the estimated mean to be R309 per month. Unfortunately, he lost some of the data thereafter. The partial results of the survey are shown in the frequency table below:

2.1 How many people paid R200 or less on their monthly cellphone contracts? (1)

2.2 Use the information above to show that a = 24 and b = 16. (5)

2.3 Write down the modal class for the data. (1)

2.4 On the grid provided in the ANSWER BOOK, draw an ogive (cumulative frequency graph) to represent the data.      (4)

2.5 Determine how many people paid more than R420 per month for their cellphone contracts.       (2)


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