Question 2

The letters A to D in the table below represent four organic compounds.

Use the information in the table to answer the questions that follow. 

2.1 Write down the: 

2.1.1 Letter that represents a ketone (1)

2.1.2 Structural formula of the functional group of compound C (1) 

2.1.3 General formula of the homologous series to which compound A belongs (1) 

2.1.4 IUPAC name of compound A (3)

2.1.5 IUPAC name of compound B (2)

2.2 Compound D is a gas used in cigarette lighters.  

2.2.1 To which homologous series does compound D belong? (1) 

2.2.2 Write down the STRUCTURAL FORMULA and IUPAC NAME of a structural isomer of compound D. (4) 

2.2.3 Is the isomer in QUESTION 2.2.2 a CHAIN, POSITIONAL or  FUNCTIONAL isomer? (1) 

2.3 Compound D reacts with bromine (Br2) to form 2-bromobutane. 

Write down the name of the: 

2.3.1 Homologous series to which 2-bromobutane belongs (1) 

2.3.2 Type of reaction that takes place (1)


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