Question 10

In the flow diagram below, I and II represent industrial processes used in the fertiliser industry.

P and Q are chemical reactions that take place to produce ammonium sulphate and fertiliser Y respectively.

10.1 Write down the name of the industrial process:

10.1.1 I (1)

10.1.2 II (1)

10.2 Write down the NAME or FORMULA of:

10.2.1 Fertiliser Y (1)

10.2.2 The catalyst used in process I (1)

10.3 In reaction P, NH3(g) reacts with another substance. Write down a balanced equation for this reaction. (3)

10.4 The following substances are present in a bag of fertiliser:

  • 20 kg ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3)
  • 12 kg sodium phosphate (Na3PO4)
  • 18 kg potassium chloride (KCℓ)

Calculate the NPK ratio of the fertiliser. (5)


TOTAL: 150

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