Question 1

In this section, questions are set on the following novels:

  • STRANGE CASE OF DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE by Robert Louis Stevenson

Answer ALL the questions on the novel that you have studied.

Read the extracts from the novel below and answer the questions set on each.
The number of marks allocated to each question serves as a guide to the expected
length of your answer

NOTE: Answer the questions set on BOTH extracts, i.e. QUESTION 1.1 AND


[Stephen Kumalo is upset.]

1.1.1 Choose a description from COLUMN B that matches a name in
COLUMN A. Write only the letter (A–E) next to the question numbers
(1.1.1(a) to 1.1.1(d)) in the ANSWER BOOK.

1.1.2 Refer to lines 1–3 (‘There was a … to our people’).

Explain how this white man was ‘devoted to our people’. (2)

1.1.3 What does Stephen Kumalo mean when he says that he ‘cannot
reach’ his son (line 11)? (2)

1.1.4 What does this extract reveal about Stephen Kumalo’s character?

Substantiate your answer. (2)

1.1.5 With whom does Stephen Kumalo have the conversation in this
extract? (1)

1.1.6 One of the themes in Cry, the Beloved Country is religion.

Discuss how this theme is relevant to the various priests in the
novel. (3)

1.1.7 Stephen Kumalo’s attitude towards his son is harsh in this extract.

Discuss your view (3)


1.2.1 Refer to lines 2–3 (‘Something about Ndotsheni … in English,

Choose the correct answer to complete the following sentence.
Write only the letter (A–D) next to the question number (1.2.1) in the

‘Umfundisi’ is the isiZulu word for …

A mister.
B priest.
C lawyer.
D father. (1)

1.2.2 Refer to line 4 (‘Something bright will … Kumalo in English’).

(a) Identify the figure of speech in this line. (1)

(b) Explain how this figure of speech is relevant in this extract. (2)

1.2.3 Refer to lines 7–8 (‘You speak Zulu’).

(a) What tone would Stephen Kumalo use in these lines? (1)

(b) Why would Stephen Kumalo use this tone in these lines? (1)

1.2.4 In line 11 Stephen Kumalo says, ‘This is the son of the man’

Why does Stephen Kumalo not call the man by his name? (2)

1.2.5 State TWO actions from the extract to show that the small boy is
polite. (2)

1.2.6 Describe the atmosphere between Stephen Kumalo and the small
boy in this extract.

Substantiate your answer (2)

1.2.7 Why is the following statement FALSE?

In this extract Mrs Kumalo has a long conversation with the small
boy (1)

1.2.8 Refer to the novel as a whole.

Explain the irony in the killing of Arthur Jarvis. (2)

1.2.9 Refer to the novel as a whole.

Stephen Kumalo’s journey to Johannesburg increases his
awareness of the good qualities of human beings… (3)

Discuss your view.


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