Question 1

Read BOTH TEXT A and TEXT B and answer the set questions.


1.1 Refer to paragraph 2.

1.1.1 Quote TWO consecutive words which indicate that sneakers were  
first used by athletes.        (1)

1.1.2 Using your OWN words, explain why this type of footwear was         
named sneakers.     (2)

  1. 2 What does the writer mean by, ‘turned into a mass consumer movement’   

(line 12)?  (2)

1.3 Explain why the following statement is FALSE:           

Sneakerheads is a brand of footwear.             (1)

1.4 Refer to paragraph 5.      

Give TWO reasons why Converse added the name of celebrity basketball

player, Chuck Taylor, to their sneakers.          (2)

1.5 How did the music industry make sneakers popular (paragraph 6)?   (2)

1.6 Choose the correct answer to complete the following sentence:   

The word ‘coolest’ (line 28) means …  

A       calmest.         
B       trendiest.     
C       coldest.
D    youngest.      (1)

1.7 Name TWO types of media used to influence the sale of sneakers  
(paragraph 8).       (2)

1.8 Refer to paragraph 9.

1.8.1 Which word in this paragraph means the same as ‘follower’?  (1)

1.8.2 What does Naledi Radebe mean by ‘sneakers are a form of
transport’ (line 40)? (2)

1.9 Refer to paragraph 10.

1.9.1 How do you, as the reader, know that the promotion of sneakers on  
the internet is a fairly recent practice?     (1)

1.9.2 Identify a social media app (application) mentioned in this
paragraph.    (1)

1.10 What are the benefits of buying sneakers online? State TWO points.   (2)

1.11 Briefly discuss whether you agree with the writer’s view expressed in 
paragraph 13.      (2)

1.12 Discuss the suitability of the title,’Sole-searching’.     (2)

TEXT B      

1.13 What is the woman doing? State TWO actions.   (2)

1.14 How do the actions of the boy support the words, ‘What’s your kid picking up 
from you?’     (2)

1.15 In your opinion, does this text succeed in conveying its message?  

Substantiate your response.         (2)


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