Question 5

5.1 Read the passage (TEXT F) below, which has some deliberate errors, andanswer the set questions. 5.1.1 Correct the SINGLE error in EACH of the following sentences.Write down ONLY the question numbers and the words you havecorrected. a) Nicholas Dyer, a award-winning wildlife photographer, lives hislife exploring Eastern and Southern Africa.(1) b) His home is … Read more

Question 4

4.1 Refer to FRAME 2.What evidence is there that the cellphone is ringing? State TWO points. (2) 4.2 Refer to FRAME Rewrite the following question in more formal English.‘Hi Jon! What’s up?’ (2)4.2.2 Explain why the cartoonist uses two different types of speechbubbles in this frame. (2) 4.3 Refer to FRAMES 5 and 6.Explain … Read more

Question 3

SECTION C: LANGUAGE 3.1 Who is the target audience in this advertisement? (1) 3.2 Why is the word, ‘Big’, written in larger font in the headline? (1) 3.3 Quote FOUR consecutive words from the text which suggest that BOSTONCollege is willing to assist students in pursuing their career paths. (1) 3.4 Why does the advertiser … Read more

Question 1

SECTION A: COMPREHENSION 1.1 Refer to paragraph 1.State ONE benefit of spending less time preparing home-cooked meals. (1) 1.2 Refer to paragraph Using your OWN words, explain why Sarah Collins invented theWonderbag. (2) 1.2.2 Explain why the writer refers to the Wonderbag as a revolutionarycooker. (2) 1.2.3 Why is the following statement FALSE?Raw food … Read more