Question 7

7.1 An entire sample space is made up of two complementary events, S and T, where P(S’) = 0,33. 7.1.1 Complete the statement: P(S) + P(T) = … (1) 7.1.2 Write down the value of P(T). (1) 7.2 A survey was conducted among 180 residents of a small town to establish how many people contracted … Read more

Question 6

6.1 Sketch the graphs of 𝑓 and 𝑔 on the same set of axes, using the provided diagram sheet. Clearly indicate all intercept points with the x-axis and the y-axis as well as any asymptotes. (6) 6.2 Using your graph, write down the coordinates of the point of intersection of 𝑓 and 𝑔 (where 𝑥 … Read more

Question 4

4.1 Sylvia wants to buy a Defy dishwasher which is priced at R9 899 by means of a hire purchase agreement. The conditions of the hire purchase agreement are as follows: Sylvia must pay a 30% deposit of the purchase price Interest is charged at 12% per annum simple interest on the balance Compulsory monthly … Read more

Question 2

2.1 Solve for 𝑥 without the use of a calculator: 2.2 Solve for 𝑥 if: 2.2.1 3(2 – 3𝑥) ≥ 15 (3) 2.2.2 Hence, represent your answer to QUESTION 2.2.1 on a number line. (1) 2.3 Solve simultaneously for 𝑥 and 𝑦:3𝑥 + 2𝑦 = 13 and 3𝑥 = 2 – 𝑦 (4) [17]